Upgrade Your Workshop - The Ultimate Guide to Rivet Nut Guns

Rivet nuts, a vital part of rivet nut guns tool, also called as rivnuts, nutserts, blind rivet nuts, or threaded inserts, are single-piece internal thread inserts that are placed from a side to provide a permanent and reusable thread in sheet metal and composite materials.

Rivet nuts are available in various materials, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass & rubber. Rivet nuts are installed into the materials like metal, plastic, carbon fiber, and wood, especially where traditional hot welding is not required.

Along with the promise of versatility, rivet nuts are available in various sizes, body, and flange shapes. They are generally used in industries and functions such as aerospace and agricultural equipment, medical technology, construction, automotive industry, electronic appliances, furniture assembly, HVAC, boat building, playground equipment, and more because they feature faster and easier assembly at lower costs.

Buying Guide for Rivet Nut Tools

With all the important information you now have about the best & economical rivet nut tools, you may find it easier to decide. Checking the specifications will most likely help you make an informed decision.


The first thing you should take in consideration when purchasing a rivet nut tool is its intended purpose. Keep in mind that different tools serve distinct functions. You will need different tools if you intend to utilize them for professional or personal reasons. Understanding the type of instrument that will be useful for your unique application will always benefit you. The majority of the alternatives presented here are for personal DIY enthusiasts.

Nuts Capacity

The quantity of nuts and other accessories included in the toolkit is the second most significant consideration when selecting the finest rivet nut guns tool. Depending on your requirements and intended use, you must ensure that the manufacturer provides a variety of possibilities. So, double-check the number of rivet nuts provided to you. With extra rivet nuts and accessories included in the tool kit, you can use it for various tasks.

Gun Material

The substance is the next critical component of the rivet nut toolset. As a result, you must inspect not only the gun's substance but also the mandrels and nuts. Most of these are manufactured of robust steel material to last longer. However, you should also ensure that the material is resistant to corrosion. To avoid corrosion and bending, ensure it is heat treated and thoroughly coated.

Changing Mandrels

Because you must continually change mandrels for your task and maintenance, you must consider the convenience of mandrel change. So, before you buy economical rivet nut tools, double-check the information provided by the maker. Choose a tool that does not require using any other tools yet can change mandrels successfully by hand. Aside from that, a simple knob design can be beneficial. Checking these essential characteristics will allow you to maintain and increase the tools' longevity effortlessly.

Handling Design

Check the design of the handle to ensure that you can easily do the task. By handle design, we mean that it should contain a correct ergonomic design to save you time and effort while completing the job. Furthermore, a long handle with a nonslip grip can be extremely useful for readily reaching difficult-to-reach areas.

Power Vs. Rivet Nut Gun

The first thing to note when selecting rivet nut guns tool is whether you require a power manual tool. It is determined by the number of rivet nuts you intend to put in. A hand tool may suffice if this is a one-time project with fewer than hundred rivet nuts. A power tool is worth the cost if you intend to use it every day and will go through hundreds of rivet nuts.

What's Reliable - Battery or Air Rivet Nut Gun?

The choice amongst these different alternatives depends on the work location. A battery-operated tool will be ideal if you work on a job site without access to a compressed air supply. An extra battery is advised for volume installations. If you work in a factory or one location, an air rivet nut gun could provide a quick solution for users with high-volume.

The good news is that air rivet nut guns often provide better power, quality, speed, quick installation, and huge setting capacity.