The Rat Big Brute is a production quality replacement for the Huck 256 and Gage Bilt 756 lockbolt guns.  The guns are made in China for RAT by a newer start up.  After testing I am very impressed by its functionality.  It is a hydraulic push/pull design and the nose provided was self releasing.  It is not uncommon for some of the American made guns to require some rocking back and for to dislodge the collar from the nose after installation.  The price point at $1,895 is well under the $2,600 street price charged for equal Huck or Gage Bilt models.  The form factor is almost identical to a Huck 256.  On the down side, the fit and finish is not as good as the American made guns.  The aluminum sand castings are rougher and the quality of the blackening on the noses is lower.  Nonetheless, the construction is very rugged and I will like be buying more from the supplier and expanding my line of Lockbolt guns.
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